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We are dedicated to providing you with reliable and dependable electric and natural gas service, at the best rate possible.

Our clients in Texas typically save up to 30% off of their electric bill, while those in New York and Illinois receive guaranteed savings over other electric companies. We also offer a number of rewards, so you can actually earn credits on your utility bill, in addition to travel rewards. The reason Ambit Electric and Natural Gas can offer these kind of rates is because the energy market in these states is deregulated, meaning the power companies no longer have a monopoly. Check Availability.

We are able to offer Abilene Electricity and help you shop Texas electricity rates, to find the best service provider for your area. Those looking for Dallas Electricity can also save big with Ambit Energy, because you have the power to choose and the electricity company will work for you!

Ambit offers not only cheap electric rates and great prices on natural gas, but also cash and travel rewards, so many customers end up making a great deal of money by switching to a cheaper electric service.

Our customer service and dedication to you, the client, is apparent in all of our moves and when you sign up for a new electric plan or natural gas service, we guarantee that there will be no service disruption, offering a month of free service to anyone who experiences an outage during the switch over. However, this is a guarantee that we have never had to provide, as all of our customers are provided the best level of service possible.

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