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Ambit’s Electric Prices speak for themselves, with most clients saving up to 30% off of their electric or natural gas service, but there are also offer a number of specials and promotions that are available. Many of our clients earn more than enough to pay for their utility bill, while also getting rewards points that are good at many different vacation areas. Ambit Electric is able to provide the consumer with the power to choose, selecting the lowest electric rates in the area.

Travel rewards, which are earned by Ambit Energy Customers, can be redeemed at more than 25 different areas, which are a great way to spend a relaxing week at your favorite getaway. Since the market in these states is deregulated, Ambit Electric and Natural Gas can offer deep discounts and you, the consumer, is the winner.

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Interested in Becoming a Consultant?

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, you can call us at 888-826-7555.

Becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant is a great way to earn cash, while providing reliable and affordable electric service. Because of a deregulated energy market, energy companies no longer have a monopoly and the consumer can save big, often up to 30%, so there is a big motivation for people to switch their electric service.

We also offer a dedicated support team to help answer any of your questions and provide you the direction needed to become financially independent. Consultants receive their own custom web portal, with detailed instructions to help jump start your new business. Contact us today or Click Here to learn more.

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